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What is Trade Finance Market?

What do we do?
We help businesses fund cross border transactions online. Our peer to peer platform taps into a global network of funders to finance import and export transactions quickly & at a lower cost.
Who can use Trade Finance Market?
Any global business that sells or buys products across borders - subject to the legal framework in the buyer and seller country. We specifically like working with SMEs.
How Much Does It Cost?
FREE sign up for exporters and importers - we only apply a small platform fee when funds are advanced.

Exporters / Importers

Why Trade Finance Market?

FREE to sign up - no long term contracts.
Fast decisions - with a dedicated account manager to help through the process.
Competitive Rates - global funders compete for your business.


Why Trade Finance Market?

Originate quality transactions - with low default rates.
Lots of protection - transactions covered by credit insurance.
Short term - 120 days max - self liquidating transactions.

Get in touch with us.
No cost, no obligation, 100% confidential.

Need Help?

Don’t hesitate to ask us something. Email us directly You can check out our Export and Funders sections for further information.

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