Agri Commodities

A Real Money Market Alternative

Providing liquidity to the poorest farmers in the world - who grow most of the food globally. Download Our Free Guide

Everyone likes to eat chocolate.
But no one wants to finance the farmer growing the cocoa.

Agri Commodities - A $1.5TN Opportunity

We bridge the gap - bringing the expertise of a fintech to the underserved commodity trade.

Trusted Network

Deep vetting and solid relationships with farmers, co-operatives and buyers.


Real time transaction monitoring from onboarding to repayment.


Pioneer in utilizing crypto & fiat as impact capital.

Target Focus

Expertise coupled with financial, legal and operational diligence.


Cocoa, cashew, sesame, soya beans and other agri commodities.


The worlds largest commodity buyers, traders and producers.


Africa, LatAm, Asia.

Committed To Impact & Sustainability

We provide liquidity to the poorest farmers in the world – and who grow most of the food needed globally.



Trade Finance is an engine for inclusive economic growth and poverty reduction – and we are proud to be aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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