The Future of Agri Trade Finance:

Connecting Cocoa Farmers With Chocolate Manufacturers

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Everybody loves chocolate – driving us to consume over 3 million tons of cocoa beans each year and creating an industry worth $117BN.
However, cocoa farming is extremely fragmented – upto 90% is produced by approximately 6 million small, family farms which do not have significant resources.
We aim to bring transparency, provenance and structure to this fragmented supply chain – enabling farmers to receive fair prices and faster payments whilst selling directly to the chocolate manufacturers.
At the same time, we are also enabling transparent participation in providing finance the commodities sector - previously out of reach to most people.

How It Works

A sustainable supply chain with innovation at the core.

A chocolate manufacturer issues a contract to buy cocoa beans.

Farmers deliver cocoa to one of our warehouses in Nigeria, where we check the quality and quantity.

A sponsor buys the cocoa from the farmers, helping their cash flow.

Once enough quantity has been accumulated, TFM delivers the cocoa to manufacturer.

The sponsor receives payment.

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Transaction Statistics

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How F2M Works


Buying direct from farmers creates greater social impact, driving financial inclusion.


The entire supply chain will be insured - goods in warehouse & in transit.


We have an office and warehousing in Nigeria to monitor all trade, transport and shipping.


Fair pricing via our partnership with an African commodities exchange.


Blockchain technology ensures supply chain traceability.


A Collateral Manager will ensure warehouse security & delivery to end buyer.


Manufacturers contracts issued:


Region: Nigeria

Buyer: large multinational

Contract size: USD 100,000

Repayment: 60 days

Return: 8% p.a. (pro rata)

Minimum Lot Size: USD 1,000

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GTR Ventures is a pioneer VC dedicated to trade and supply chain technology.

Iconiq Lab is a Decentralized VC and strategic partner of FinLab AG.

AFEX is a commodities exchange and collateral manager.

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