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Trade Finance is the business of financing the supply chain for commodities, raw materials and finished goods. Global demand for trade finance is rising, but SMEs are failing to get the funding they need.

Trade Finance Solutions Beyond The Bank

Approaching trade finance differently

Trade Finance Market (TFM) provides liquidity for global trade, particularly to Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) currently ignored by the majority of global funding institutions.

The TFM Platform has been operational since 2015 and is a centralized electronic marketplace for global SME trade finance – with a focus on emerging markets.

TFM utilizes technology to cut through the bureaucracy and operational restrictions inherent in traditional financial solutions, allowing SMEs to take advantage of opportunities formerly only available to large enterprises.

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Helping Businesses Finance Global Trade

Making trade finance easy


We connect growing businesses with non bank funding to provide receivables and invoice finance (via our online platform), supply chain finance and long term trading lines.


Any business that trades goods and services - especially SMEs who have a trading history of minimum 12 months. We serve clients globally with a focus on Asia, Central and South America and Africa.


Choose the lowest financing cost from a wide range of options. Rates are circa 1% per 30 days plus our platform fees of 1% to 3% per transaction.


We look at self liquidating cross border transactions lasting maximum 120 days with a guaranteed buyer or exit. Default cover via credit insurance, collateral or LC is preferable.


Trade finance is a relatively high yielding, non correlated, self liquidating asset class worth US$ 16 trillion per annum - with low default rates. We work with trade finance funds, institutional investors and family offices to deploy capital into global trade.


We are not required to be licensed or regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore ("MAS") as we only deal with corporate clients, institutional funders and regulated financial bodies.

Transparent Finance Metrics

We help fund businesses in a transparent and fair way

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Our Flexible Solutions

We work with you to find the funding solution that works best for your business.

Receivables Finance

We provide non bank liquidity to invoice and receivables finance via our online marketplace.

Supply Chain Finance

We focus on transaction dynamics to provide flexible supply chain finance.

Trading Lines

Long term trading and contract fulfilment lines - up to 12 months.


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E: Trade Finance Market is operated by TradeAi Pte Ltd. and our address is 1 Coleman Street, #10-06 The Adelphi, Singapore 179803.
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